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Delayed symptoms after a car accident

It is very common for people to not feel injuries immediately after a car accident. Many people in California do not feel the total effects of a crash until the days after. Such delayed symptoms could spell trouble for any insurance claims if a person jumps too soon to accept a settlement or agree to not get insurance companies involved.

According to Arrowhead Clinic, the reason why injuries may not be felt right after a car accident is because of the flow of adrenaline and other chemicals through the body that block pain and create extreme energy. People are advised to monitor their health following an accident to watch for any signs of symptoms. Such signs could include pain in any part of the body, numbness, dizziness, trouble thinking, headaches, blurry vision and trouble sleeping.

Will safety systems in trucks make a difference?

Traveling on a California highway is not always the pleasant drive it may have been decades ago. In fact, many days you may find yourself clutching the wheel anxiously, hoping you arrive safely at your destination. This may be especially true if you share the road with tractor-trailers and other big rigs.

While you may find yourself becoming numb to news reports of catastrophic accidents, injuries and deaths involving tractor-trailers, the fact is that you may have no choice but to drive among them and hope the truckers are alert and fit to be behind the wheel. However, according to AAA, the danger that trucks bring to the highways may be an easy fix.

More trucking companies seeing the benefit of camera systems

Determining who is at fault in a motor vehicle crash may be difficult for law enforcement officers and investigators in California, but new trucking technology may make it easier to identify issues. According to Fortune magazine, truckers are only at fault about 30 percent of the time in traffic accidents. Now, many companies are installing forward-facing cameras that catch the behaviors of drivers around their trucks. 

Many in the industry are going a step further by installing cameras that face the inside of the cab of the truck, as well as the outside. This has led to some negative feedback from truckers, but companies may benefit from the positive outcomes that studies have shown often result when people know they are being observed.

Does your motorcycle helmet fit?

While your motorcycle helmet is an accessory that makes a statement about who you are as you ride the roads of California, the wrong one could cost you your life. According to HelmetCheck.org, the safest helmet is still the wrong one if it does not fit you perfectly. 

Even if you know your hat size or head measurements, the helmet you want may simply be marked as a small, medium or large. A large from one manufacturer may not be the same as a large from another company. They may be different from one model to another, too. The only way to truly know if it fits is to try it on. 

What should you know about whiplash?

California drivers who get into an accident have a high chance of also getting whiplash. While whiplash injuries are common, they also tend to be under-diagnosed and suffer from a lack of proper or immediate care.

Spine Health states that car accidents are the most common cause of whiplash. Not only that, but many car accidents - particularly rear end accidents - will result in one or more passenger getting a whiplash injury. The first thing to understand about whiplash is that while it isn't life-threatening as some car accident injuries can be, it's also more serious than people tend to give it credit for. For example, whiplash injuries can:

  • Cause extreme pain from nerve damage
  • Create numbness or weakness in your arms
  • Last indefinitely without treatment
  • Cause or worsen depression and social isolation

Head injuries you can suffer in a trucking accident

While there are several injuries that you could suffer during a trucking accident in California, one of the most dangerous types is a brain injury. Damage to your brain can cause emotional, physical and mental effects that can last for months or even the rest of your life. We at E and E Law Group can work to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve so that you can recover and heal from your injuries.

According to Harvard Medical School, there are several different types of hematomas that can occur in a trucking accident. If you suffer whiplash and your head is jerked violently, an acute subdural hematoma can occur. About half of those who experience this injury will die, but all can experience tears in blood vessels that causes blood to collect between the brain's surface and the outermost membrane. An epidural hematoma, on the other hand, also involves torn blood vessels, but typically involves a fractured skull as well. A third type is a chronic subdural hematoma. This form involves slower bleeding over several weeks, but can result in mild paralysis and seizures.

Can I still get a ticket for lane-splitting?

The state of California made headlines across the country recently when it became the first state to legalize lane-splitting for motorcycle drivers. Although several studies and expert opinions backed up this move as being safest for those on two wheels as well as beneficial for all other drivers on the road, many drivers are still confused about the details involved in this controversial law.

According to the San Diego Tribune, many of the guidelines for lane-splitting are still being fine-tuned. One of the biggest points for confusion is the fact that you can still be given a ticket for utilizing the move if an officer feels you are doing so in an unsafe manner. 

"Break a leg" has a whole other meaning in a motorcycle accident

It's tradition for actors to tell each other to "break a leg" before they begin a performance. However, it would be in poor taste to say the same to you as you take off on your motorcycle. Since you don't enjoy the same protections as someone in a vehicle with a passenger cabin, you could easily suffer a broken leg in an accident.

Thinking of a broken leg might conjure up images of a cast on which you can hobble around for anywhere from six to eight weeks, but a broken bone in your leg could require much more than just some plaster and crutches. You could be out of work for some time and may incur a significant amount of medical expenses depending on the extent and severity of your injury.

The financial cost of a car accident

Car accidents in California can stress your emotions and your health, but they can also weigh heavily on your pocketbook. Understanding the extent of financial damage that a car accident can cause might help you determine exactly how much you need to be fully-compensated. We at E and E Law Group can fight to ensure that you receive everything you deserve as you recover physically, mentally, emotionally and financially from a car accident.

Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association states that one aspect of a car crash that is not always considered is loss of productivity. If you have to miss work because of the accident or ensuing treatment, you can lose wages or miss opportunities, such as promotions or meetings with potential clients. Medical bills, even for minor injuries, can also add up to substantial amounts. Some studies show that the total amount of productivity losses and medical costs for injured drivers can total almost $100 billion in one year.

Why tractor-trailers need side underride guards

While many people are injured or killed because they rear-ended a tractor-trailer, or one rear-ended them, not every collision on the California roadways happens that way. In fact, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Highway Loss Data Institute, during 2015, 301 passenger vehicle deaths occurred in a side-impact collision with a tractor-trailer, while 292 were killed in vehicles colliding with the back of the truck.

It is the law that a trailer must have a guard hanging down below the back end. These underride guards prevent a car from sliding underneath the trailer in a collision. In crash tests, these are expected to perform at speeds up to 35 mph. The IIHS has also tested guards that hang down below the sides of the trailers between the front and back wheels, and these have been proven to work in the same way.

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