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Can you encourage trucker safety in your workforce?

As you may be well aware, truckers in California face a variety of risks associated with operating a vehicle that is large and heavy. Risks related to user error, inclement weather, driver distraction and environmental conditions can create dangerous situations if not navigated cautiously. However, your efforts to educate your employees on proper safety practices can encourage your workforce to use responsibility, care and vigilance when operating their vehicles. With your encouragement and efforts to provide consistent reminders of required protocols, you may be able to prevent unnecessary accidents within your workforce. 

Why tank trucks roll so easily

The contents of that tanker truck beside you on the California highway may be dangerous chemical gases, oil, gasoline or even just milk. Although its contents may make a difference in how dangerous an accident could be, it is the tank itself that poses the higher risk of an accident occurring in the first place. We at E & E Law Group understand that truckers who haul cargo tank trucks must take extra precautions to prevent rollovers.

Fatal California truck accident claims driver's life

For many California truck drivers, safety is a primary concern and a reigning priority as they transport shipments between destinations. However, big rig drivers are subject to many unique risks that can lead to dangerous accidents if not carefully navigated. 

More trucking companies seeing the benefit of camera systems

Determining who is at fault in a motor vehicle crash may be difficult for law enforcement officers and investigators in California, but new trucking technology may make it easier to identify issues. According to Fortune magazine, truckers are only at fault about 30 percent of the time in traffic accidents. Now, many companies are installing forward-facing cameras that catch the behaviors of drivers around their trucks. 

Head injuries you can suffer in a trucking accident

While there are several injuries that you could suffer during a trucking accident in California, one of the most dangerous types is a brain injury. Damage to your brain can cause emotional, physical and mental effects that can last for months or even the rest of your life. We at E and E Law Group can work to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve so that you can recover and heal from your injuries.

Why tractor-trailers need side underride guards

While many people are injured or killed because they rear-ended a tractor-trailer, or one rear-ended them, not every collision on the California roadways happens that way. In fact, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Highway Loss Data Institute, during 2015, 301 passenger vehicle deaths occurred in a side-impact collision with a tractor-trailer, while 292 were killed in vehicles colliding with the back of the truck.

What causes a truck to jackknife?

While there are many reasons why a truck can crash in California, jackknifing can be one of the most dangerous. When a truck loses control and begins to swerve across several lanes of traffic, many cars can be hit and multiple drivers injured. Understanding the circumstances that can lead to this type of accident can help you be aware of the danger and also recognize the signs of a truck beginning to jackknife.

What should be recorded on a trucking log

Large trucks are useful for hauling big loads from place to place, but they can also present serious risks for all drivers on the road. To reduce the danger, lawmakers in California have implemented guidelines that truck drivers are required to follow. One of those is the requirement to keep a logbook. This record ensures that drivers stay within the boundaries set by the government to reduce the risk of an accident.

The dangers of increasing hazardous materials carriers

While inattentive drivers, distractions and alcohol can all contribute to more dangerous conditions on California’s state roads, there is another factor that is not as easily recognized by most drivers but can make commuting deadlier than it has been in the past. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has recently come out with a new report that shows an increase in the number of active hazardous materials carriers sharing the roads with passenger cars, meaning that the risk of exposure and incidents are even greater than they were before.

Large truck cargo safety

When you are responsible for driving large trucks on the roadways of California, there are several things you need to remember in order to keep yourself and other drivers around you safe. One of those is the necessity of carefully inspecting your cargo before getting behind the wheel. We at E and E Law Group are here to help in case of an accident, but can also provide the information you need to prevent crashes from ever occurring.

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