Effective Guidance Through The Probate Process

The probate process can be a difficult one to navigate for those who have been asked to serve as personal representatives for a loved one's estate. The reality is that most people are not familiar with the process ad its complexities. Further, most people would prefer to be able to focus on their loss and the needs of their loved ones at such a time rather than take on such a major responsibility.

Our firm can take on all probate responsibilities for you as well as help guide you through the process.

What Are The Basic Steps In Probate?

Probate is a deceptively complex process with opportunities for failure that are not likely to be apparent to those not experienced with the process. The major components can be summarized as:

  • Conduct an inventory of all assets and property in the estate
  • Pay debts and taxes
  • Resolve any disputes
  • Distribute remaining assets and property according to the will

In even the simplest estates, any one of these steps can become complicated. People may choose to dispute the will or how you have handled it. The personal representative can be held responsible for mistakes. This is part of serving in this role that few people consider before taking it on.

Decades Of Combined Experience

At E & E Law Group, our firm is committed to helping people take care of their loved one's estates as they work through the probate process. Our extensive experience allows us to offer thoughtful guidance and advice. We are also available to take full responsibility for shepherding your loved one's estate through the probate process. Attorney Tamar Ekizian has maintained a focus on estate planning-related issues such as probate over the course of her more than 15 year career.

Probate Attorneys Serving Van Nuys And Throughout California

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