Warning: Don't Sign A Settlement Offer

If you have been injured in an accident, filing a personal injury lawsuit might be the last thing on your mind. Your instinct may be to accept the insurance settlement offer, get the money and just put the whole thing in the past. Don't accept a settlement offer before talking to an attorney!

At E & E Law Group, we urge you to have our attorney review any settlement offer before you sign. If accepting the offer is in your best interests, we will tell you that it is. If the offer is not in your best interests, we can work toward a better one. If you are worried about the cost, don't be. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means you never pay unless we win your case.

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Most Cases End In Settlement, So Why Talk To An Attorney At All?

A large percentage of personal injury claims are resolved through a settlement. Most never go to trial. It begs the question: Why involve a lawyer? Here are only three reasons why you should have a lawyer review any offer:

  • The insurance company is trying to underpay or deny your claim. Insurance companies are a business that is concerned about profit. Adjusters are trained and under pressure to find any reason to pay as little money as possible, like using comparative negligence. What does this mean? If the adjuster can argue that you were 25 percent at fault in the accident, the insurance company only has to pay 75 percent of your claim.
  • You may not know the extent of your injuries. Many injuries do not appear immediately, take time to develop or result in complications. If you settle too early, you might be compensated for a fraction of the money you will need for medical treatment or deserve to compensate you for permanent injuries or disability.
  • The decision is final. A settlement is a legally binding contract. Once you sign, you give up your right to sue. If you settle for less money than you need or deserve, it is nearly impossible to have the settlement declared invalid.

We Will Review Your Settlement Offer For Free.

If an insurance company has offered you a settlement after an accident, let our attorney review the offer in a free initial consultation. Call our office at 818-570-3879 or send us your information. Hablamos español.