Holding Dog Owners Accountable For Injuries Their Dogs Cause

It is easy to forget how dangerous a dog can be — especially for those who have never been in an unsafe position with a dangerous dog. But, most of us have had at least one encounter with a scary dog at some point. What if that had happened to your child for example, or your grandmother? Would they have been able to defend themselves if the dog had attacked?

While dog bites can happen to almost anyone, they are most serious when the victim is someone who cannot defend themselves.

Was Your Child Attacked By A Dog?

Children are very vulnerable to dog attacks. Some of the factors that make dog attacks on children so serious are:

  • Short stature — A child's size is unlikely to prevent a dog attack.
  • Likely location of injuries — Because of their height, children are often bitten in the face or neck. Injuries to these body parts can be very severe.
  • Scarring — Dog bites can produce serious scarring, especially if the bite was to face, neck or other body part that is generally not covered.
  • Emotional trauma — Children can face lasting emotional problems as they grow up having to carry around physical and mental scars from the attack. They may have developed a serious fear of dogs. They may face difficulties dealing with attention from other children regarding their scars.

What Does Proper Compensation Include?

The key to determining proper compensation is finding all the ways the dog bite affected the victim's life. We will look at all the short- and long-term costs and impacts that you or your loved one has suffered because of a dog attack. This will include medical care, such as the possible necessity of plastic surgery or the possible necessity of counseling to help with lingering emotional issues.

Decades Of Combined Experience

At E & E Law Group, our firm understands the issues that surround dog bite claims. From determining liability to showing the full extent of the injuries that occurred, we will use our decades of combined experience to create the strong case you deserve. We focus on treating our clients like family and part of that is making sure that your needs are met. Attorney Sam Ekizian provided defense services to insurance companies in the past. He brings what he learned in the role to the aid of his clients who were injured in accidents such as animal attacks.

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