Tax Preparation And Entity Formation

Preparing your own taxes or relying on inexperienced tax consultants may prevent you from properly limiting your tax liability and obtaining the best refund possible. At E & E Law Group, our decades of experience and thorough understanding of ever-changing tax codes gives us a unique insight into the deductions available in every individual case.

With an office in Van Nuys, we are conveniently located for taxpayers throughout the San Fernando Valley.

We offer comprehensive tax-preparation services, including:

  • California and federal tax return preparation
  • Individual and business tax planning
  • Handling audit notices from the IRS
  • Representing you in tax court
  • Minimizing liability through entity selection and formation

Itemizing Deductions Could Save Money, But Only When Done Right

The biggest question for many people is whether or not they should itemize their deductions. The IRS states that you must itemize your deductions if you are unable to make use of the standard deduction. The problem is that knowing when you should itemize can be tricky, and any number of mistakes could lead to an audit. Our tax lawyer can help you make this important decision and complete your tax return.

Minimize Personal Liability And Tax Consequences With The Right Entity Selection

There can be significant legal and tax advantages to conducting business through an entity such as a corporation or LLC, rather than as a sole proprietorship. This includes the key legal advantage for business owners of limited personal liability for the company's acts, debts and obligations. The tax implications of entity formation must also be thoroughly evaluated before selecting which entity is most appropriate. With our vast experience in these areas of practice, we can help you best select an entity for your business.

Let Us Help You Reduce Your Potential Liability. Begin With A Free Consultation.

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