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Life-altering injuries in big rig accident

Big rigs are a common sight on California roadways. They are the transportation method of choice in a broad range of industries from produce and grocery items to oil and home goods. As a result, there are more tractor trailers hauling loads at any given time than ever before.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety & Highway Loss Data Institute reports that in large truck accidents, most fatalities are passenger vehicle occupants. Commercial trucks have greater ground clearance and can weigh 20-30 as much as a light truck, car or motorcycle, even when empty. Due to their size and weight, it can take longer for the vehicle to stop than it does for other autos on the road.

Stay safe on a motorcycle in the winter

California motorcyclists may want to hit the road year round. However, winter can present unique hazards to bikers and it is important for people to take precautions so they will be safe.

Some bikers may think snow is not an obstacle on the road. Forbes says that people may want to get off the road once this kind of weather starts. This is because snow can greatly affect visibility and bikers may not notice upcoming hazards until it is too late for them to react. It is also a good idea for motorcyclists to remember that they should usually ride slower in the winter. Accelerating or swerving suddenly may be more hazardous if bikers do not see ice on the road.

Yielding is imperative to your safety as a driver

Whether your commute is 10 miles or 50 miles, driving in California can have its fair share of questionable moments. Especially, if you are driving around motorists who are inexperienced, distracted, careless or fatigued. At E&E Law Group, understand the risks that drivers face when they are commuting and traveling between destinations. 

A commonly misunderstood aspect of driving is yielding. Sometimes, you may have a difficult time distinguishing who's right of way it is, especially in an area where it is congested and there is a lot going on. Even the slightest misstep can put you at risk of crashing into someone else who also thought it was their turn to go. 

Your car crash injuries may end up being delayed

A seemingly normal drive to town can quickly become an unforgettable one for all the wrong reasons if you end up in a car crash. In some car accident situations, you may suffer injuries immediately, whereas in other situations, your injuries may experience a delay.

Either way, if your accident was the result of another driver's negligence, you have the right to pursue compensation in civil court. Here is a glimpse at delayed injuries in particular and how you can identify them.

Trucker's commitment to safe driving results in award

While many truckers in California do their best to maintain a driving record that is free of accidents or traffic violations, sometimes human error can get the best of anyone and require them to reassess their commitment to driving safely. Many trucking companies require that their drivers maintain a record that is relatively clear of major infractions by conducting background checks and requiring that they maintain a log of their travels. 

For one Minnesota truck driver, his commitment to driving safely is about more than maintaining a job. For him, trucking is something he is passionate about and he takes pride in being a part of the trucking industry. In what many experts are saying is relatively unheard of, the trucker recently reached an inspirational 4.6 million miles of accident-free driving on his trucking log. As such, the Minnesota Trucking Association awarded him with the "Driver of the Year" award for the state. 

What should you do if your car starts hyrdroplaning?

When you have to commute to work each day in California, you do not have the option of bypassing your drive if the weather is bad. Rather, you have to plan ahead to deal with a longer commute to account for the conditions. Some of the risks that you may face when driving in bad weather include poor visibility, slippery road surfaces and hydroplaning. 

If you have ever experienced the sudden panic that comes from momentarily losing control of your vehicle, you will be the first to acknowledge how terrifying those seconds are. Hydroplaning occurs when you drive too fast for the rainy conditions and your tires lose traction with the road because of excessive moisture on the surface of the roadway. As such, it is critical that you slow down and drive extra cautiously if you have to commute in the rain. 

Reckless driving, distraction to blame in fatal accident

When people in California are granted the privilege to drive, they are also agreeing to abide by the rules of the road and to avoid distractions that could compromise their ability to make responsible decisions. While many people do not see a momentary distraction as an immediate danger, it only takes a millisecond for that distraction to turn into a dangerous hazard. 

For one man in Arizona, the decision to text while he was driving ultimately led to the death of an innocent bystander, a police officer who had just finished with a traffic stop. Witnesses reported seeing the man abruptly cross multiple lanes of traffic as he appeared to be looking down at his phone. An initial investigation revealed that the man made no effort to slow his car and there were no visible skid marks to indicate that he had tried to prevent the collision. 

Driving a truck does not mean that your health has to suffer

If you spend your time driving a big rig across California, chances are you spend a majority of your time sitting, sedentary. As such, you may be concerned about your ability to maintain your health and healthy habits. At E&E Law Group, we are aware of the challenges that truckers face as a result of their job. 

When you are receiving training for your new job, a large part of the instruction you receive will be centered around safety. Driving a big rig means you have to be extra cautious and vigilant in following the rules of the road and staying alert despite being on the road for long periods. You also have to be aware of common hazards and how to mitigate the risks you encounter to protect yourself and other motorists. Your training will involve securing your load, maintaining your truck and following protocols designed to encourage you to drive safely and responsibly. 

A major car crash might lead to several significant injuries

As you set out on your weekday journey, you review your important responsibilities and tasks for the day. Suddenly, though, you hear a huge bang, and you immediately feel pain. It does not take long for you to realize that an allegedly negligent driver has struck your car. Now, your agenda for the day looks quite different from before.

Fortunately, if you have suffered serious injuries in a car accident stemming from another motorist's carelessness, it is within your rights to seek compensation for your injuries. Here is a glimpse at some common injuries you may suffer in a major crash in California.

Education and support can help caregivers of TBI victims

When families are coping with the difficulty of seeing one of their loved ones experience a debilitating traumatic brain injury, support and encouragement may be hard to come by. However, with the application of some necessary information, caregivers of TBI victims in California may find that their efforts are supported and facilitated by other people who may have experienced similar situations. As such, their commitment to helping their family member may be more successful. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, traumatic brain injuries can range in severity depending on the circumstances surrounding the injury. For example, people who experience a significant amount of trauma and are unconscious for an extended time are much more likely to be severely injured compared with a person who got a minor concussion during a sports game. When a person's brain function is disrupted, some things can happen including impaired thinking and inability to manage emotional functions. 

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