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Malibu car/bicycle accident injures 1 and kills 2

While not uncommon on California roadways, car accidents can cause devastating post-traumatic stress, debilitating physical injury and even loss of life. These accidents sometimes also involve nondrivers who nevertheless share the road, such as pedestrians or bicyclists. Regardless of who is directly involved, car accidents also have an indirect effect on the family members and loved ones of those injured or killed in the wreck.

fatal car accident occurred between an eastbound red Dodge Ram pickup truck and a westbound gray Mercury minivan on the Pacific Coast Highway near Trancas Canyon Road in Malibu on Aug. 3, 2018. The accident killed the drivers of both vehicles, injured a bicyclist and closed down both lanes of traffic from shortly after noon until approximately 6:30 p.m. Officials from the sheriff's department report that the driver of the minivan, an adult male, appears to have been trying to pass another vehicle at a high rate of speed, crashing through the barriers that separate the eastbound lanes from the westbound upon losing control of the vehicle and crossing the center divider. A witness described the resulting collision with the red pickup, also driven by an adult male, as almost an explosion. Authorities believe that alcohol may have been a factor in the crash. 

A motorcycle crash may lead to grave injuries

As you make your way across town on your motorcycle, you enjoy the feeling of the wind whipping across your face. It is a sign of the unique freedom that comes with riding motorcycles. Unfortunately, as a motorcyclist, you are also vulnerable to dangers that the drivers of passenger cars do not experience.

If a car driver in California hits you while you are on a motorcycle, you can easily suffer serious injuries. However, if the other driver caused the motorcycle crash due to negligent behavior, it is within your rights to seek compensation for your injuries.

Why is it important to maintain a safe following distance?

You are driving on one of California's busiest thoroughfares when the driver in front of you slams on their brakes in an effort to avoid colliding with slowing traffic ahead. A surge of panic causes you to react the same way and after a quick glance to your right you are relieved to see a place where you can swerve out of the way. You take a deep breath and continue driving, but a bit more cautiously this time. It is these kinds of situations that illustrate why it is so important for you to maintain a safe following distance behind the car in front of you. 

Chances are, when you were a new driver and completing the required educational courses, you learned about or at the very least, heard about the 3-second rule. This standard recommends that you find some type of landmark; a road sign, light post or building for example, and you should be three seconds behind the driver in front of you when you pass it. So, if you see a car wash up ahead, after the car in front of you passes the building, it should take you three seconds to reach that same building. 

2 arrested in California after DUI, try to outsmart authorities

Many people underestimate the danger of getting behind the wheel after having had a few drinks. In fact, there are stories almost weekly in California about folks who have been charged with causing violent car accidents because they were impaired due to having been under the influence of something. The truth is, even after a subtle amount of alcohol, a person's ability to comprehend their surroundings and make responsible decisions is marred exponentially. 

In a recent story out of Petaluma, California, two suspects were arrested after a drunk driving accident. The bewildering story began after reports of a hit-and-run accident started coming in. Authorities began looking for the suspect vehicle and tracked it down a short while later. When an attempt to pull the occupants over was executed, authorities recognized that the car's original driver was no longer behind the wheel. She and a passenger had swapped seats, presumably because they recognized that her impaired state made her visibly to blame for the accident. 

How common are accidents involving large trucks?

Accidents involving large trucks and passenger vehicles happen regularly on California roadways. When such accidents occur, they are usually worse on the smaller vehicle and its occupants. While you have no choice but to share the road with larger vehicles, it can help to gain an understanding about the type of accidents that happen and how often they occur.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, deaths caused by large truck accidents are lower now than they were at the beginning of the century. In 2016, only 11 percent of all deaths in motor vehicle accidents in the country were from an accident involving a large truck. Most of those large trucks were tractor trailers.

What are some field sobriety tests?

The cause of many car accidents in California is a drunk driver. When a person is drunk, they have slower reflexes, trouble concentrating and generally are not fit to be behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. While law enforcement works hard to keep drunk drivers off the road, they cannot catch every single one. However, when an officer pulls you over under the suspicion that you are driving drunk, he or she may perform some field sobriety tests, which AAA explains are tests that help them identify signs of intoxication.

There are some standard tests law enforcement uses. These tests enable them to gauge your coordination, involuntary reflexes and concentration. These tests are proven to provide accurate understanding of intoxication and are admissible in court.

Compensation may be possible following an truck crash injury

A seemingly ordinary trip on the interstate may quickly become a disaster if a commercial truck ends up striking you. The accident may spark a wide variety of emotions within you, ranging from shock to anger, if the truck driver caused the collision due to negligent behavior.

Fortunately, in this situation, it is within your rights to seek compensation for your truck crash injuries by filing a personal injury claim. Seeking an attorney's help with this process may be beneficial for multiple reasons, given the complicated nature of these types of civil court claims in California.

Facilitating your recover from a head injury

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident or have been the victim of a car accident in California, you may have suffered a head injury that has recently left you learning to cope with challenging symptoms. At E&E Law Group, we have helped many people who have endured a traumatic brain injury to work towards getting compensation for their injury.

One of the first things you may realize is that you feel different and that daily tasks that were routine in the past, have suddenly become more difficult or impossible altogether. This realization can be unnerving and discouraging, but it is critical that you allow yourself to heal and recover to give yourself the best chance at overcoming your injury and regaining full health. The severity of any head injury is usually determined by whether or not you lost consciousness, whether or not you have remained confused about your accident and if there were any abnormalities on tests you received. 

Using crash reconstruction analysis to find answers

Car accidents can be incredibly complicated at times to piece back together. Often, each driver has his or her own opinion about how the crash happened and who was at fault. Stories can become even more confusing when witness accounts are considered and variations are analyzed. In California, crash reconstruction is used to rebuild the scene of car accidents and find answers that assist the authorities in leveling appropriate consequences and citations to any drivers who were responsible for causing the crash. 

According to The Washington Post, there are several steps that must be carefully followed in order for answers to be found. First, crash analysts collect and assess witness statements. They can also acquire information from other sources including ATM security cameras, the black boxes of any vehicles involved and footage from personally installed security cameras or cameras from surrounding businesses. 

What can you do to stay focused on driving behind the wheel?

You are running a little behind and have just started your daily commute to work in California. You have your breakfast on the console and big plans to try and finish your makeup by the time you arrive at work. Unfortunately, these seemingly simple behaviors can pose a major threat to the safety of yourself and others if you try to multitask while driving. So, what can you do to stay focused while you are driving and eliminate the temptation to do other things at the same time?

According to AAA Exchange, many distractions are almost entirely preventable. For example, eating, talking on your phone and programming your GPS are all things that can be done ahead of time or when you arrive at your destination. Other distractions such as talking passengers, a crying child or if you are feeling emotional, are not necessarily preventable, but they can be managed carefully with your full attention. Some of the things you can do to avoid being distracted include the following:

  • Make sure you are fully dressed and ready before you begin driving.
  • Never use your phone behind the wheel. If you need to program your GPS, do it before you leave your house. 
  • If there is an immediate need, find a safe place to pull over and park your car before addressing it. 
  • Keep all cargo secured in a safe place to avoid distractions if things spill or fall to the floor. 
  • Only eat snacks that are clean and easy to manage while driving. 
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