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LiveMap Helmet: the future of motorcycle safety?

For many vehicle enthusiasts, the motorcycle is the epitome of adventure, excitement and freedom. It is a great blend of man and machine that not only thrills but also satisfies the desire for adventure. The problem is that motorcycle riders face many dangers on the open road from animals, road hazards and other drivers.

Innovation is not far behind though, thanks to Russian tech entrepreneur Andrew Artischev and his LiveMap motorcycle helmet. This new helmet is considered the next generation of motorcycle safety, blending together the concept of augmented reality with the superior safety helmets can afford the rider.

Designed as a Heads up Display (HUD), the LiveMap helmet is planned to provide the rider with location, speed, and even how well the motorcycle is performing without having riders to take their eyes off the road.

The key feature that Mister Artischev wants to implement is a live map that would help drivers negotiate through cities and give advanced warning of any obstacle or hazard ahead before coming across it.

The helmet is still in prototype, with the hope that the first generation will become available to cyclists in 2017. There are still quite a few steps to complete, like finding a way to store the onboard computer without compromising the safety specifications of the helmet. Mister Artischev already has some ideas for a solution, including utilizing a modular helmet already on the market to capitalize on the safety considerations that have already been considered and tested.

Mister Artischev has been working on his design for over eight years and with a budget nearing $1.5 million American dollars. Much of this research and design is thanks to a grant provided to him by the Russian government and by re-investing profits from a previous business that he owned.

Inventors continue to make advancements every day that help save the lives of riders. Millions of motorcyclists choose to benefit from these safety devices and operate with precaution. Still, accidents happen. If you are a rider, it is crucial that you and your family are protected in the event of an accident.

That is why each rider should know that they have a right to compensation when another's carelessness causes them injury - and to have the name of a good personal injury attorney on hand. In many cases, cases are not simple and having someone who is skilled at working through these types of accidents is essential for protection and peace of mind.

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