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Nearly 90 lives are lost in fatal car accidents every day in US

The heart-breaking statistic that nearly 90 lives are lost every day in car accidents is a critical issue facing the United States today. Distracted drivers, fatigue, drunk driving, and speeding are among the top contributing factors leading to fatal car accidents.

The United States holds a spot in the top ten richest countries of the world, yet ranks comparatively lower to other high-income countries in the ability to reduce car accident related deaths. With an estimated 32,675 deaths over the past year, innovative ideas need to be put in place to reduce this number.

All drivers can make a difference

Drivers and passengers alike can take an active role in campaigning against these senseless deaths by following common sense rules such as the ones listed below:

  • Drive without distractions (such as texting or slowing down to "check out" other accidents) and obey speed limits. This should be a top priority in any motor trip, long or short.
  • Make the decision not to drive under any circumstance while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Make certain companions are sober before allowing them to get behind the wheel.
  • Make sure to buckle up before you even start the vehicle. This rule should be followed by all passengers, including children. As the driver, you should make certain that everyone in your vehicle strictly abides by this rule. 

Life is precious

Guarding the lives of others should be as important to you as guarding your own life. When you engage in defensive driving, follow speed limits, and reduce your speed in unfavorable weather, you are joining the fight against fatal accidents. Each life that is lost in a car accident is a loved one, family member or friend.

High-income countries that have lower statistics in car accident fatalities implement strict rules. They use low BAC levels (0.02-0.05%), ignition interlocks for people convicted of drunk driving, have more publicized sobriety checkpoints and enforce the minimum legal drinking age.

Picking up the pieces

In addition to the devastating deaths, the victims incur enormous amounts of medical costs as a result fatal car accidents. The staggering amounts total more than $380 million a year. The loved ones are often left holding the bag for these expenses and many more. Hiring an attorney to stand by your side and give you direction, if you are the victim of a car accident or the surviving family member of a victim of a fatal collision is in your best interest.

E & E Law Group is a law firm that can help victims and their families deal with the shocking consequences of a car accident. No one has to go through the traumatic event alone.

Like family, E & E Law Group is there to help. They are available when clients need them the most, and help them pick up the pieces of their lives that have been shattered by an accident.

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