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A crash-proof motorcycle?

What might motorcycles look like in the future? BMW recently gave the public a glimpse at one of the possibilities. The automaker has revealed a new concept motorcycle design.

The concept motorcycle is called the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100.

From a safety perspective, one of the things that stands out about this concept vehicle is that it will purportedly be virtually crash-proof. Included among its accident avoidance features will be an “electronic safety cage.” This “cage” will involve communications with road sensors and other vehicles.

The motorcycle will have a variety of other futuristic features, including wheels that are self-balancing.

One wonders when/if this concept bike will be fully developed. One also wonders when the kinds of technologies it is designed to sport will reach a state where they are effective and able to actually be made available out on the market.

Do you think the future might one day see a motorcycle that is in fact crash-proof?

The idea of a crash-proof motorcycle is obviously a very attractive one, given the many hazards motorcyclists can encounter out on the roads, including those connected to negligence by other motorists. Unfortunately, for the time being, we remain in a world where technology cannot completely counteract these hazards. Motorcyclists can still have their lives shaken to the core, or even taken from them, by careless conduct by other drivers.

Skilled motorcycle crash lawyers understand the massive ramifications injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident can have for a motorcyclist, and can help motorcycle riders who experience such injuries due to negligent motorists with navigating legal actions aimed at securing fair compensation.

Source: WTOL, “BMW unveils self-balancing motorcycle,” Oct. 11, 2016

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