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January 2018 Archives

Could allergies increase the chances of a wreck?

There are a plethora of reasons why traffic wrecks happen, but some are not as obvious. While drunk driving and texting behind the wheel are risks which have received a lot of attention, others may not be on the minds of many drivers. For example, some people may have a higher chance of causing an accident because of allergies they are suffering from.

An auto wreck doesn't have to wreck your life

It's Monday, so you make the usual trek to work on the crowded highway. Of course, you'd rather be other places, but duty calls. All of a sudden, a car that seemingly comes out of nowhere strikes your vehicle and injures you. Now, you find yourself on the way to the hospital instead of to work, and going to work doesn't sound so bad after all.

Has your vision changed since your car accident?

After your head-on collision, you went to the nearest California hospital and received medical attention to ensure that you did not suffer any serious injuries. A careful exam may have revealed some soft tissue injuries and a bump on the head, but your doctor assured you that all would heal with minor treatment needed. Could changes in your vision a few weeks later be related?

Using hand signals on the road

When collisions happen between motorcycles and cars, trucks or SUVs in Van Nuys, it is virtually guaranteed that the motorcyclists will the get the worst of them. Sadly, the brunt of consequences that they are forced to bear often does not reflect their degree of fault in causing such accidents. Of the 4,976 motorcyclists that The Insurance Information Institute reports were killed on American roads in 2015, it may be safe to assume that many of them died due to the fault of motorists. Often, motorists will attempt to claim that the motorcyclists they struck suddenly turned into their lanes, leaving them with little time to react. This highlights the need for motorcyclists to do all they can to indicate their intentions on the road in order to counter such claims. 

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