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February 2018 Archives

Combating truck driver fatigue

Crashes involving a large truck occur for various reasons, from a truck company's negligent failure to maintain their vehicles properly to alcohol use behind the wheel. However, fatigue is another major reason why large truck crashes keep happening in California and across the country. It is particularly important for large truck drivers to understand the dangers associated with fatigue and take steps to address fatigue. Moreover, if a driver does not feel that he or she is capable of driving safely because they are tired, they should never push themselves to drive while fatigued.

A closer look at the dangerous habit of speeding

At one point or another, all California drivers have probably found themselves speeding. For some, it is a conscious decision in an effort to get somewhere faster or experience a bit of adrenaline. For others, it may be in an attempt to avoid traffic or impress a passenger. There are even people who do not realize they are speeding because they may be preoccupied with something else while they are driving. However, speeding, no matter what the reason, is incredibly dangerous and puts everyone around the speeding motorist at risk of serious injury or death. 

Crash course in brain injuries stemming from motorcycle crash

As you go for a joy ride on your motorcycle, everything feels right with the world. However, all of a sudden, you see another motorist cross into your lane, and he does not stop. The next thing you know, both you and your bike are on the ground, and your head is pounding -- so much for a joy ride.

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