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March 2018 Archives

Fatal semi-autonomous vehicle crash under investigation

While self-driving vehicles have received quite a bit of attention from the media and from legislators in California, semi-autonomous vehicles have been around for a while. From cruise control to parallel parking, steering and automatic braking, vehicles are taking on many of the tasks that used to be solely the driver's responsibility. However, relying too heavily on these features may be a mistake.

When does lane position matter on a motorcycle?

Driving a vehicle on the California roadways, there is pretty much only one place in a lane to be. On a motorcycle, you have three choices, and the one you pick could be important for your safety. The California Motorcycle Handbook explains some of the reasons lane position is so important.

Truck driver pre-trip inspection responsibilities

The law requires truckers in California to inspect their vehicles at the beginning of every trip. According to BigRoad.com, there is not a set amount of time that the driver should spend on the pre-trip inspection, but if the guidelines are followed, it will typically take between 30 and 50 minutes. Because there are laws that limit truckers to 14-hour workdays, that hour spent in place can be costly, particularly for those who are paid by the mile rather than by the amount of time spent working.

Too high to drive: The dangers of drugged driving in California

California readers are aware of the many factors that could contribute to car accidents and therefore pose a threat to their safety. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents, and drunk driving continues to be a serious problem. However, you would be wise not to overlook the danger and the prevalence of drugged driving.

What are pain and suffering damages?

After the drunk driver plowed into the back of your car on the California freeway, your physical condition has been tenuous, at best. You plan to file a lawsuit to make sure the negligent driver's insurance pays you for all your damages, including your lost wages, your medical bills and the replacement of your car, which was destroyed by the collision. It may not seem like that is enough, though, considering how much the driver put you through.

Nerve damage after a motorcycle crash

Any accident on your motorcycle on the roadways of California can be devastating, but crush injuries and other traumas that affect the nerves may leave you with permanent damage. At E & E Law Group, we have helped many riders with nerve damage to seek compensation from the drivers who caused their life-changing injuries.

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