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June 2018 Archives

Using crash reconstruction analysis to find answers

Car accidents can be incredibly complicated at times to piece back together. Often, each driver has his or her own opinion about how the crash happened and who was at fault. Stories can become even more confusing when witness accounts are considered and variations are analyzed. In California, crash reconstruction is used to rebuild the scene of car accidents and find answers that assist the authorities in leveling appropriate consequences and citations to any drivers who were responsible for causing the crash. 

What can you do to stay focused on driving behind the wheel?

You are running a little behind and have just started your daily commute to work in California. You have your breakfast on the console and big plans to try and finish your makeup by the time you arrive at work. Unfortunately, these seemingly simple behaviors can pose a major threat to the safety of yourself and others if you try to multitask while driving. So, what can you do to stay focused while you are driving and eliminate the temptation to do other things at the same time?

Homicide charges for truck driver accused of killing motorcyclist

Many California trucking companies prioritize the safety and training of their drivers to encourage responsible operation of each truck in their fleet. Often, stringent protocols are put into place, trucking logs are required and active endeavors are made to educate employees about the importance of following the rules of the road. However, there are times when distraction, poor judgment, fatigue and even weather hazards can play a role in creating danger that results in an accident. 

Pedestrian killed after failing to use crosswalk

There is often a lot of focus on drivers in California and ways that they can prevent pedestrian accidents by practicing vigilance and regularly scanning their surroundings. However, there are times when motorists may be paying attention and following all of the recommended tips for driving safely around pedestrians, but an accident may still happen. People who are walking, running and biking around cars should also practice vigilance and be observant to crosswalks and other resources designed to protect them on busy streets. 

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