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August 2018 Archives

California tanker crash closes freeway, kills two people

When people are driving around big rigs, they should use extra caution and maintain a longer distance between them and the truck than they normally would with another, smaller vehicle. In addition, it is critical that they understand that larger trucks take longer to stop and have significant blind spots that can greatly obstruct their visibility of smaller objects or hazards on the road in California. Of course, there are times when avoiding an accident is inevitable, but often people can prevent tragedy by simply driving responsibly and respectfully. 

Learning how to drive defensively can help you

You rely on your vehicle every day to get you safely from one destination to another as you commute to and from work, pick up your kids from school and travel to various appointments and commitments. However, a large part of your ability to travel safely from one place to another is your ability to responsibly navigate busy roads and make timely decisions that keep you out of harm's way. At E&E Law Group, we have helped many victims of motor vehicle accidents in California to overcome the legal consequences they are facing after a crash. 

Practicing vigilance to stay safe in construction zones

For many busy commuters in California, the inconvenience of having to drive through a construction zone can be a little more than annoying. Often, construction zones mean delayed time, slower speeds and confusing configurations. However, more than an annoyance, construction zones can pose a very real danger to drivers who are impatient, ignorant or reckless. 

Malibu car/bicycle accident injures 1 and kills 2

While not uncommon on California roadways, car accidents can cause devastating post-traumatic stress, debilitating physical injury and even loss of life. These accidents sometimes also involve nondrivers who nevertheless share the road, such as pedestrians or bicyclists. Regardless of who is directly involved, car accidents also have an indirect effect on the family members and loved ones of those injured or killed in the wreck.

A motorcycle crash may lead to grave injuries

As you make your way across town on your motorcycle, you enjoy the feeling of the wind whipping across your face. It is a sign of the unique freedom that comes with riding motorcycles. Unfortunately, as a motorcyclist, you are also vulnerable to dangers that the drivers of passenger cars do not experience.

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