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November 2018 Archives

Lane splitting guidelines in California

California is the only state that has seen a marked improvement in traffic congestion by allowing motorcycles to split lanes. Consequently, it is the only state that has passed legislation to allow lane splitting, though a few other states have tried. However, despite the benefits lane splitting has on traffic, many find the practice unnerving and many more feel as if it is the number one contributing cause of California’s high number of motorcycle fatalities.

When you are hurt while riding in a sidecar

It is vital for motorcyclists and those who drive any vehicle on the road to be aware of the different ways in which these accidents can happen. Some people may forget about the risks associated with riding in a sidecar and careless drivers may collide with a sidecar for a number of reasons. Sadly, those who ride on motorcycles and in sidecars are especially vulnerable when involved in a collision on the road, and many have either lost their lives or sustained major injuries. Across the state of California, it is pivotal for motorcycle accident victims to know about their legal right afterward.

Reviewing federal hours-of-service regulations

Who has not started to feel a little drowsy after several hours behind the wheel? When most drivers start to become fatigued, they can pull off the road and get some rest. Unfortunately, that may not be an option for truckers who are expected to meet delivery deadlines. Yet no one wants the truck drivers traveling in and around Van Nuys to literally be falling asleep at the wheel (indeed, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration lists fatigue as being one of the 10 most common causes of truck accidents). How, then, are drivers to balance the need to do their jobs while still remaining attentive and alert at all times? 

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