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What may cause your truck to jackknife?

Driving a truck in California exposes you to many risks that are unique to the industry you are a part of. Learning how to operate a big rig takes time and training. Over time, the experiences you have will give you increased confidence as you learn how to navigate hazards and plan for the unexpected dangers that can sometimes happen while you are driving. Jackknifing, for example, can be incredibly dangerous, especially if you are unprepared with a plan for how you will react. 

According to Evan Transportation, Inc., you are at a higher risk of jackknifing if the load you are carrying is light or unevenly distributed. The brakes on a massive big rig are designed to stop a trailer that is heavy and fully loaded. Aggressively engaging your brakes with a load that is lightweight may elicit a dangerous reaction when your wheels lock up and your trailer skids. 

Participating in the upkeep and maintenance of your truck can also prevent jackknifing incidents from happening. Failure to keep your truck well-maintained could compromise your safety when parts become overly worn. If your suspension is not working correctly or is worn out or if your brakes are unevenly worn, you are at a much higher risk of losing control of your truck. 

When you drive responsibly, avoid distractions and keep an appropriate following distance, you will have adequate time to react, make decisions and brake without panicking. The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.  

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