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A closer look at how fault is determined in a car accident

For occupants of vehicles involved in a car accident, the process of how everything unfolded often seems quite clear. Often, many people feel that they were justified and the other vehicles involved were the ones to blame. While some accidents are clear, cut and dry, others require extensive reconstruction to determine who was indeed at fault. While the process varies from accident to accident, fault in most California car accidents is determined largely the same way. 

Children often suffer psychological trauma after a car accident

A car accident can be traumatic for anyone in California, but children may be even more susceptible to trauma from a crash than their parents. According to Psych Central, there are some specific behaviors different age groups may develop in response to this trauma.

What can you do to drive safely around pedestrians?

There are all kinds of statistics about pedestrian accidents that result in severe injuries or death. Often, the focus is on how pedestrians can be more vigilant to stay safer while walking near moving vehicles. However, can you be more aware of pedestrians and help protect them by being a better driver? Fortunately, there are things you can do when you are behind the wheel to be more responsible when you are in areas of California that have a higher volume of pedestrians. 

Factors that are considered to determine if you were at fault

You are dealing with the emotionally traumatic and financially challenging aftermath of having been involved in a car accident. Your recollection of events includes some details, but there are discrepancies in the stories of you and the other driver involved. How will investigators really know who was at fault? What are your responsibilities going to be? At E & E Law Group, we have helped many people in California to work through the sometimes-complicated process following a motor vehicle accident. 

Fatal semi-autonomous vehicle crash under investigation

While self-driving vehicles have received quite a bit of attention from the media and from legislators in California, semi-autonomous vehicles have been around for a while. From cruise control to parallel parking, steering and automatic braking, vehicles are taking on many of the tasks that used to be solely the driver's responsibility. However, relying too heavily on these features may be a mistake.

What are pain and suffering damages?

After the drunk driver plowed into the back of your car on the California freeway, your physical condition has been tenuous, at best. You plan to file a lawsuit to make sure the negligent driver's insurance pays you for all your damages, including your lost wages, your medical bills and the replacement of your car, which was destroyed by the collision. It may not seem like that is enough, though, considering how much the driver put you through.

A closer look at the dangerous habit of speeding

At one point or another, all California drivers have probably found themselves speeding. For some, it is a conscious decision in an effort to get somewhere faster or experience a bit of adrenaline. For others, it may be in an attempt to avoid traffic or impress a passenger. There are even people who do not realize they are speeding because they may be preoccupied with something else while they are driving. However, speeding, no matter what the reason, is incredibly dangerous and puts everyone around the speeding motorist at risk of serious injury or death. 

Could allergies increase the chances of a wreck?

There are a plethora of reasons why traffic wrecks happen, but some are not as obvious. While drunk driving and texting behind the wheel are risks which have received a lot of attention, others may not be on the minds of many drivers. For example, some people may have a higher chance of causing an accident because of allergies they are suffering from.

Has your vision changed since your car accident?

After your head-on collision, you went to the nearest California hospital and received medical attention to ensure that you did not suffer any serious injuries. A careful exam may have revealed some soft tissue injuries and a bump on the head, but your doctor assured you that all would heal with minor treatment needed. Could changes in your vision a few weeks later be related?

Roundabouts lower some risks, increase others

Many cities in California and across the U.S. have replaced traditional intersections with roundabouts. Drivers merge into the circle, which has one or more lanes of traffic, and then exit when they reach their street. According to CityLab.com, some cities report a significant reduction in fatal motor vehicle crashes at intersections replaced with roundabouts. One study showed that injury and fatality crashes dropped 38 percent.

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