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Yielding is imperative to your safety as a driver

Whether your commute is 10 miles or 50 miles, driving in California can have its fair share of questionable moments. Especially, if you are driving around motorists who are inexperienced, distracted, careless or fatigued. At E&E Law Group, understand the risks that drivers face when they are commuting and traveling between destinations. 

What should you do if your car starts hyrdroplaning?

When you have to commute to work each day in California, you do not have the option of bypassing your drive if the weather is bad. Rather, you have to plan ahead to deal with a longer commute to account for the conditions. Some of the risks that you may face when driving in bad weather include poor visibility, slippery road surfaces and hydroplaning. 

Reckless driving, distraction to blame in fatal accident

When people in California are granted the privilege to drive, they are also agreeing to abide by the rules of the road and to avoid distractions that could compromise their ability to make responsible decisions. While many people do not see a momentary distraction as an immediate danger, it only takes a millisecond for that distraction to turn into a dangerous hazard. 

Does California limit damages awarded in car accident cases?

Many states have caps on the amount of damages car accident victims may recover via their car accident claims. California, however, is not one of them. If you or a loved one has been severely injured in a California car accident, you may worry about how you will cover the cost of medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation and other expenses. Fortunately, this may not be an issue. With the lack of damage caps, you may recoup the amount necessary to cover your losses and then some.

Job responsibilities and motor vehicle wrecks

Some drivers have a lot on their plate, whether they are going through emotional hurdles such as depression or they are driving in an area that they are not familiar with. Moreover, some people have demanding jobs, and are different reasons why this can be concerning when it comes to traffic safety. For example, a demanding job may cause a driver to become fatigued, falling asleep at the wheel or dozing off and veering into another lane. Moreover, some job responsibilities directly get in the way of driving.

What is common in a staged auto accident?

Sometimes certain drivers hit the roads in California to try to get into an accident so they can fraudulently collect insurance money. These staged accidents happen all the time. You must be vigilant on the roads to learn how to spot one if someone tries this scam on you because they often make it look as if the accident is your fault.

Authorities searching for SUV involved in fatal hit-and-run

Even though many drivers in California pay considerable attention to the rules of the road so they can be safe while driving, there are times when accidents happen. In unfortunate circumstances, these accidents could result in passengers or other motorists suffering injuries. When people are involved in a car accident, it is in their best interest to remain at the scene of the accident until authorities arrive and have a chance to complete an investigation. 

Introducing the concept of negligent entrustment

No one ever wants to be in a car accident in Van Nuys (in fact, most do all that they can to avoid it). Thus, when you hear people tell stories about how they have been in multiple accidents, you might wonder why they are still driving (or better yet, who still allows them to drive). Many of the clients that we here at the E&E Law Group have worked with in the past have been involved in accidents caused by drivers with similarly spotty accident histories. If such a driver strikes you, then you may justly question whether liability should also be extended to whomever let them drive in the first place. 

Learning how to drive defensively can help you

You rely on your vehicle every day to get you safely from one destination to another as you commute to and from work, pick up your kids from school and travel to various appointments and commitments. However, a large part of your ability to travel safely from one place to another is your ability to responsibly navigate busy roads and make timely decisions that keep you out of harm's way. At E&E Law Group, we have helped many victims of motor vehicle accidents in California to overcome the legal consequences they are facing after a crash. 

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