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Lane splitting and motorcycle safety

Lane splitting refers to the practice of a motorcycle operator riding between two lanes of traffic or sharing a lane with another motor vehicle. The practice is a hotly debated one, and though several states have attempted to legalize it in recent years, California continues to be the only state that endorses it. This is because many states do not fully trust that the practice is safe. 

Education and support can help caregivers of TBI victims

When families are coping with the difficulty of seeing one of their loved ones experience a debilitating traumatic brain injury, support and encouragement may be hard to come by. However, with the application of some necessary information, caregivers of TBI victims in California may find that their efforts are supported and facilitated by other people who may have experienced similar situations. As such, their commitment to helping their family member may be more successful. 

California makes motorcycle awareness a priority

According to an October press release from the California Highway Patrol, the number of motorcycle accident victims increased by nine percent from 2015 to 2016. With more than 1.4 million licensed motorcyclists on California roads on any given day, this comes as no surprise. However, though the numbers may not be shocking, they have prompted the CHP to begin looking for ways to increase motorcycle safety and decrease accidents and fatalities.

Motorcyclist fatalities span all generations

If you are one of the many avid motorcyclists in California, you are likely aware that some people hold a lot of stereotypes about bikers. These stereotypes include thoughts that motorcycle riders may be a bit rough around the edges and also that people on these bikes frequently operate them negligently. The fact of the matter is that people of all walks of life enjoy riding motorcycles and most bikers take safety very seriously. Some believe that the impetuous of youth may be to blame for many accidents and, while that may be true in some cases, it is far from the full truth.

Lane splitting guidelines in California

California is the only state that has seen a marked improvement in traffic congestion by allowing motorcycles to split lanes. Consequently, it is the only state that has passed legislation to allow lane splitting, though a few other states have tried. However, despite the benefits lane splitting has on traffic, many find the practice unnerving and many more feel as if it is the number one contributing cause of California’s high number of motorcycle fatalities.

When you are hurt while riding in a sidecar

It is vital for motorcyclists and those who drive any vehicle on the road to be aware of the different ways in which these accidents can happen. Some people may forget about the risks associated with riding in a sidecar and careless drivers may collide with a sidecar for a number of reasons. Sadly, those who ride on motorcycles and in sidecars are especially vulnerable when involved in a collision on the road, and many have either lost their lives or sustained major injuries. Across the state of California, it is pivotal for motorcycle accident victims to know about their legal right afterward.

Increasing your visibility could reduce your risk

Whether you are an experienced motorcyclist or have just bought your first bike, you have probably had someone remind you to remember to pay attention and never rely on other motorists to see you. Because riding a motorcycle automatically makes you less visible, it is imperative that you are responsible and vigilant in paying attention to reduce your risk of injury or death. At E&E Law Group, we have helped many people in California who may have been involved in a motorcycle accident. 

Facilitating your recover from a head injury

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident or have been the victim of a car accident in California, you may have suffered a head injury that has recently left you learning to cope with challenging symptoms. At E&E Law Group, we have helped many people who have endured a traumatic brain injury to work towards getting compensation for their injury.

Your preparation and vigilance can prevent a motorcycle crash

You have just bought your dream motorcycle and have been making a list of places that you want to adventure to in California. The anticipation of owning your own motorcycle and exploring the country in the open air is quite thrilling but can quickly turn life-threatening if you do not take the right precautions. At E&E Law Group, we understand the risks that motorcyclists face and have helped many victims of accidents involving motorcycles. 

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