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A closer look at the dangerous habit of speeding

At one point or another, all California drivers have probably found themselves speeding. For some, it is a conscious decision in an effort to get somewhere faster or experience a bit of adrenaline. For others, it may be in an attempt to avoid traffic or impress a passenger. There are even people who do not realize they are speeding because they may be preoccupied with something else while they are driving. However, speeding, no matter what the reason, is incredibly dangerous and puts everyone around the speeding motorist at risk of serious injury or death. 

Could allergies increase the chances of a wreck?

There are a plethora of reasons why traffic wrecks happen, but some are not as obvious. While drunk driving and texting behind the wheel are risks which have received a lot of attention, others may not be on the minds of many drivers. For example, some people may have a higher chance of causing an accident because of allergies they are suffering from.

Has your vision changed since your car accident?

After your head-on collision, you went to the nearest California hospital and received medical attention to ensure that you did not suffer any serious injuries. A careful exam may have revealed some soft tissue injuries and a bump on the head, but your doctor assured you that all would heal with minor treatment needed. Could changes in your vision a few weeks later be related?

Roundabouts lower some risks, increase others

Many cities in California and across the U.S. have replaced traditional intersections with roundabouts. Drivers merge into the circle, which has one or more lanes of traffic, and then exit when they reach their street. According to CityLab.com, some cities report a significant reduction in fatal motor vehicle crashes at intersections replaced with roundabouts. One study showed that injury and fatality crashes dropped 38 percent.

Senior drivers may need to take extra precautions

In some communities in the United States, public transportation and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods make owning a vehicle less important. However, for many in California, a driver's license and vehicle are key to freedom and independence. Surrendering these when health conditions become troublesome may be difficult for some seniors, but in some cases, the decision can be put off a few more years.

Delayed symptoms after a car accident

It is very common for people to not feel injuries immediately after a car accident. Many people in California do not feel the total effects of a crash until the days after. Such delayed symptoms could spell trouble for any insurance claims if a person jumps too soon to accept a settlement or agree to not get insurance companies involved.

The financial cost of a car accident

Car accidents in California can stress your emotions and your health, but they can also weigh heavily on your pocketbook. Understanding the extent of financial damage that a car accident can cause might help you determine exactly how much you need to be fully-compensated. We at E and E Law Group can fight to ensure that you receive everything you deserve as you recover physically, mentally, emotionally and financially from a car accident.

Do video games affect teen driving?

You want your teen to be a good driver on the California roadways, and there are definitely ways you can encourage good habits and help him or her develop driving skills. According to Geico.com, some studies say that one way you can help your young driver avoid a traffic crash is to turn off the video games.

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