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Can I still get a ticket for lane-splitting?

The state of California made headlines across the country recently when it became the first state to legalize lane-splitting for motorcycle drivers. Although several studies and expert opinions backed up this move as being safest for those on two wheels as well as beneficial for all other drivers on the road, many drivers are still confused about the details involved in this controversial law.

How to stay safe on group motorcycle riders

While some people in Van Nuys prefer getting out on their bike alone and enjoying the solitude, plenty of others know how exciting and thrilling it can be to ride with a group. However, when you throw a bunch of riders with different levels of experience together, the potential for danger increases. Therefore, there are a few preventative measures that group riders can take to make sure everyone has a fun and safe experience.

Most common injuries from a motorcycle accident

While most drivers realize that motorcycles can give you an exciting ride on California's highways, these smaller vehicles also provide less protection in the event of a collision with a car or other type of vehicle. Passengers on motorbikes often sustain injuries when they crash, although the type and severity differs in each accident. We at E and E Law Group can help you obtain the compensation you need to recover from a motorcycle accident, no matter what your injuries.

What are the child passenger laws for a motorcycle?

While most people in California know the laws that adults must follow when they are cruising through the streets on a motorcycle, the laws concerning child passengers are less well-known. Extra safety precautions have been put in place by lawmakers to protect young people in the event of a crash. The California Department of Motor Vehicles has detailed the laws and regulations that you need to follow if you are transporting children on your motorcycle.

Failure to yield: who has the right of way?

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in California and around the country is failure to yield during a left-hand turn. When drivers of any type of vehicle incorrectly assume the right-of-way, the results can be dangerous and, in some instances, even deadly. A great way to protect yourself from accidents caused by this mistake is to be educated on who has the right of way in any situation and be aware of the other cars around you.

New motorcycle law in California

Cruising along the highways and byways of California can be thrilling, but doing so illegally can lead to jail time or a fine. If you or a loved one operate a motorcycle on the state’s roadways, it is important that you are aware of the laws that control what you can and cannot do. We at E and E Law Group not only work to help you get the compensation you deserve in the event of an accident, we also provide education about how to safely use these vehicles.

Alcohol involvement in motorcycle accidents

When cars and motorcycles collide in California or any other state, the bigger vehicle usually has a better outcome. In fact, almost any time a motorcyclist is involved in any type of accident, the results are grim. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association states that 80 percent of all motorcyclists that are involved in crashes are killed or injured. When alcohol is involved, the risk of fatal injuries is even greater.

What long-term disability care can really cost you

Immediately after a major accident happens in California, it can be difficult to know how much recovery will take place and what your future will look like. When it comes to long-term disability care, the costs may be much higher than you realize. We at E and E Law Group work to make sure our clients get enough compensation to take care of every type of cost that can arise during long-term disability care.

What are the most common causes of fatal motorcycle accidents?

If you are getting ready to get on a motorcycle and take a ride in California, it is important to know what the most common causes of motorcycle accidents are so you can be prepared. The Insurance Information Institute explains what the accidents of 2015 show for motorcyclists.

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